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Planning for packing on the basis of:

  • Feature of the product: nature, aspect, dimensions, weight, centre of gravity of cargo, degree of resistance to endurance, physical chemical and mechanical. Regarding the physical endurance it’s necessary to consider the static and dynamic endurance. It is also necessary to pre-establish the possibility of the handling and movement, of the balance and unitizing.
  • The features of the logistics environment. Of fundamental importance are the maintenance of the conditions, transport of lifting units, of the dimensions and weight allowed on the road network, of the containers and typology of holds of ships / planes, climate conditions of the countries crossed during the transport and destination countries as well as warehousing conditions.

Development of packing
The designer is the central figure who is in charge in the development of the packing. The types of packaging developed are: cases, cages, ladles, wood support.

Packing stages
After the planning, the development and the construction of the packing, the packing operations are carried out either in the premises of the packer or directly in the plants or depots of the clients in world-wide locations, prior to an inspection in order to verify that all the criteria is being respected in order to the feasible operations out of the plant that will allow the packing to take place in the most correct way.

Were needed , we can provide for fumigation of packing material together with the certificate respecting the PPC International Standards ISPM-15; This standards indicate that raw wood should be treated (Thermic treatment – HT or fumigation treatment with methyl bromide – MB) and in a second phase certified with brand IPPC/FAO. This brand needs to be controlled through a certification system of wood packing and treatment industry.
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